Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Menu Monday 12/11/12

MONDAY - Roast chicken, stuffing, yorkshire puddings, roasted potatoes & vegetables

TUESDAY - Homemade fishcakes, chips and Mushy peas

WEDNESDAY - Creamy beef & potato layer, peas and carrots


FRIDAY - Stirfry with noodles

SATURDAY - Homemade fried chicken, chips and homemade coleslw

SUNDAY - Sausage, mash, onion gravy, yorkshire pudding and vegetables

Well here's my menu plan, it's a bit late though. With decorating all last week and the weekend I have had a lot of catching up on housework to do so blogging came to a standstill. With being on holiday from work I really enjoyed a Saturday awake for once and not asleep in bed after doing my night shift. Took advantage of this and asked Hubby to come to the cinema with me to see the new James bond film. Daughter No2 wanted to come too so hubby had a grumble at the cost of it all and decided to book the tickets on line. He was pleased with himself because he joined My Cineworld and receives a 10% discount every time he books tickets on line. We all enjoyed the film except for a bunch of irritating young boys being noisy pests. We moved to the other side of the cinema so we didn't have to listen to them.

Catch up tomorrow. Off to bed now


  1. There is nothing worse than being in a cinema and people not shutting up. By the way was the Bond film any good? My No.1 son is thinking of seeing it.

  2. Hi Karen, not heard from you in ages, hows things?

  3. Hope you had a good Christmas Karen.