Thursday, 1 November 2012

Glad to be home

Am I glad to be home! Set off for Leeds at 3.00pm this afternoon and arrived back home at 11.20pm. I have been chauffeur for my 14 year old daughter and her friend. They had tickets to see Conor Maynard at the Leeds Met Uni this evening. I had it all planned in my mind what was going to happen. Arrive around 4.00pm and park in the Merrion centre car park ( just near the uni) Have a stroll around the shops. Eat somewhere then take then to the venue and leave them to que and I'd do late night shopping and return to car to read my book until the concert finished.

Conor Maynard
What really happened was, arrived 3.45pm girls wanted to go to McDonald's so they could tweet using the free Wifi in there. Hate McDonald's!!! We never go to McD's. I  had a fillet-O-Fish which was shit. Excuse my language but I cannot understand why anyone would want to eat a McDonald's. I find it just crap junk food and thank god my girls have never missed having them. It didn't even fill me! If you put the food on a regular sized dinner plate I bet it would only just fill half of the plate. How's that supposed to fill you? Later on I went into Morrisons and bought one of their £1.00 sandwiches to eat in the car later.

Anyway back to how the day unfolded. After we ate the girls wanted to go straight to the Uni and wait in line until the doors opened at 7.00pm. Well, it was bloody chilly and wanting to be all in fashion they were not dressed appropriately for the weather even though I told them to wrap up. They never listen though to sensible mum's do they? It would not be cool! I left them to shivver away for a couple of hours and I hit the shops to do some Christmas shopping. I thought the shops would be open until about 10.00pm for late night shopping but only a few were open till about 9.00pm then I realised it will be in a few weeks that they stay open later when it's proper Christmas shopping time when the Christmas lights are on. So I didnt get much of my Christmas shopping done and I was cold and just wanted to go home. I ended up back at the multi story carpark. Sat munching my sandwich and drinking a bottle of squash I'd brought then set to reading my book. I got sooooooo cold sat in that car. In the end I sat with the engine running (not something I like to do. Against my principles, polluting the environment so I can sit comfortably in a warm car) Believe you me, I was frozen. My feet were so numb, my hands cold and I could not take it anymore, engine went on. Was I glad when my phone rang and she said it had finished. Ended up frozen again walking to meet them but got all toasty warm on the drive home.

The things we do for our children. She was so happy and thrilled at seeing Conor it makes it all worth it (just)    : )

Night all x


  1. Golly, what a comitted mother! I don`t think I would have done that.

  2. What a lovely mum you are. I think I would have gone in somewhere like McDonalds and read my book there, even though like you, I'm not fond of their food either. Glad the girls enjoyed their evening though, it makes it all worthwhile when you know they've had a good time, doesn't it?