Monday, 5 November 2012

MENU MONDAY 05/11/12

MONDAY - Toad-in-the-hole, mash, steamed veg and gravy

TUESDAY - Homemade lamb burgers, wedges and homemade coleslaw

WEDNESDAY - Sausage & pepper casserole with sauteed potatoes

THURSDAY - Cold weather hotpot & homemade bread

FRIDAY - Out for a meal.Our wedding anniversary & Hubby's birthday

SATURDAY - Homemade pizza & chips

SUNDAY - Pasta bolognese and homemade garlic bread

Hope you all had a lovely bonfire night tonight or over the weekend. We were going to go to a local pubs bonfire and fireworks display tonight but youngest daughter said she was not bothered for going. Daughter No2 is at college doing a late night and to be honest I am too tired to bother with it as I have been decorating all day. I have started  decorating the living room and I feel ill with the stench of gloss paint I have been inhaling all day. I always seem to get a sore throat when I gloss paint and I have had a headache because of it. Hopefully I should have all the glossing done tomorrow then can start on the emulsion which does not smell too bad. I've taken a week of work and hope to get it all finished this week.

Our meal tonight was toad-in-the-hole with onion mixed in. Really nice comfort food. I made myself a veggie sausage one with onion, yummy.


  1. I have been told that if you leave an onion sliced in half on the window sill it will help deal with the gloss paint smell. As onions always make me weep uncontrollably [and then I have to light a candle to deal with THEIR smell] this is not a tip I have tried myself!!

  2. Will give that a try this morning Angela. Thank you