Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I bought some NEW clothes!

Welcome to my two new followers. You are very welcome.

Well today I had to bite the bullet and buy some new clothes. Over the weekend I decided to have a sort out of my wardrobe and pack away the summer clothes and bring out the autumn/winter clothes. I have lost 2 stone over the last 5 months and on trying the warmer clothes they were all falling off me. I ended up with a sack load of clothes to take to the charity shop. Whilst ironing yesterday my finger went through a lacy part of a top I really like to wear so that's gone. The top I'm wearing today will go in the rag bag when I take it off tonight as it's got 4 holes at the front. I think it  got caught on my belt buckle. So my poor wardrobe has depleted to a very sorry looking  wardrobe.

I usually live in second hand clothes from the charity shop but I have not seen anything over the last few weeks I really liked in the charity shop to replace my clothes. We have a clothing budget, which is not a large amount, but my daughters seem to end up using this budget each month. Not this month I have spent it all! Felt odd buying all my new clothes this morning but it was a necessity. It won't be happening again for quite a while.

Just loving the lovely autumn days we are having this week. It's been lovely on my walks with Sherlock.
Sherlock loves his walk by the carrot fields. He always digs up one or two carrots to chomp on. I picked another bag of blackberries to add to my stash in the freezer. Should have enough soon to make my jam.

Right, better get on with making dinner. Have to leave for work at 7.00pm as we have a staff meeting before our shift starts. Hate it when we have a meeting. It makes it such a long night. Roll on 7.00am 


  1. New clothes are such a treat, although it is gutting when you have to throw an old favourite out.

    X x

  2. I bought some winter wollies last year and they still get good use this time around. I will not need to buy any clothes for a while. I too like to search through the charity shops for items. Can`t even recall when I bought something totally new from the shops apart from knickers, bras and socks.

  3. Lovely to see you blogging again, Karen. Well done on the weight loss. I hate clothes shopping but it makes such a difference when you've lost some weight and dropped a size or two. It's just the same in our house, I rarely buy clothes, it's Eleanor who spends the most on clothes.