Monday, 17 September 2012


Mother-in-law did a boot sale yesterday with my daughter No2. Mother-in-law had two boxes of plants to sell but sold none. I was offered any of the plants for my garden so choose this box full.

So now I have to find some time this week to get this lot in the garden. Couldn't say no to a load of free plants now, could I? Mother-in-law also gave me a whopper overgrown courgette so a large pan of soup was made with it today. I always make this recipe when I have a lot of courgettes


1kg courgettes, chopped
2 veg stock cubes dissolved in 400ml water
pinch ground nutmeg
600ml milk
salt & pepper

Really simple, put courgette, stock and nutmeg in a pan and cook until tender. Add the milk then blend until smooth and warm soup through. Season well.

I got 5 large portions of soup and have put two in the freezer for next weeks lunches. the rest are for this week. You could thicken the soup a little more with the addition of a potato but I'm trying to keep calories low at the moment.

I've had a lovely day just pottering around the house doing chores and cooking. My kind of day. I've made bread, soup and pasta sauce and picked lots of lovely runner beans from my garden and a small bag of blackberries on my walk with the dog this afternoon. Everyday I pick a few berries here and there and take them home, wash them then freeze until I have enough to make jam. Love autumn but don't want it to get colder because that means I'll have to close the back door and I hate it when it's time for that. I just love the doors and windows open letting in the fresh air.

Thank you to all who welcomed me back. Lovely to hear from you all
Karen x 

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  1. This sound yummy. I have loads of courgette from the allotment so will be giving this a go.

    X x