Saturday, 22 September 2012

Glorious morning

What a glorious mornings drive I had home from work this morning. The sun was dazzling me as I drove (which I hate) but it was such a lovely morning. I then spotted them. Hot air balloons which looked like they were heading towards my village. I arrived home and grabbed the dog and my camera and hurried out to take the dog for his walk in the open fields hoping to get a glimpse of the balloons. Just as I got to the field I heard a loud noise and just saw one of the balloons land behind a row of trees. To be honest , I think they had abandoned the flight and landed because they were very near an electric pylon and I don't think they were high enough to fly over it. Two other balloons continued with their flights.

It was lovely watching them fly by. We go to the Bristol Balloon Festival whenever we have an holiday down south because we really like hot air balloons. On of my life ambitions is to fly in an hot air balloon.

The other day I didn't have time to tell you about my buys in the charity shop on Thursday. This week I got Nigellas Christmas book  for £2.00. Now I have wanted this book for years and I have borrowed it from the library in the past and even added it to my Christmas list for this year. Can take it off my Christmas list now and add another book instead.

I also bought the loose bottom baking tin for 99p I'm increasing my baking tin collection due to getting more interested in baking with watching The Great British Bake Off.

Off to chill out in a warm cosy living room with a glass of red on this chilly autumn evening. Have a lovely weekend x 


  1. I love watching hot air balloons, I did a post about them recently, but I'd hate to fly in one, I hate heights. What a great buy at the charity shop, you got a bargain there. I've just this minute mentioned that I want some cake tins. I can't remember ever baking a cake, I usually go in for buns, but I've got an urge to make a Victoria Sponge, I don't know why.

  2. I'd love to go in a balloon but I am too chicken !