Thursday, 2 May 2013

It's a beautiful day

What a beautiful day we have had here in Yorkshire today. The sun has shone and everyone has talked non stop about the lovely weather to me at my voluntary job in the charity shop this morning. It just goes to show, we Brits may talk about the weather more than any other nation in the world, but it DOES get us talking to one and other, AND the weather makes us HAPPY! The shop has been busier today because of the lovely weather and I have definitely noticed everyone is so much happier with a little sunshine in their life.

My family are more willing to come on evening dog walks with me now the weather is improving. Tonight I had the company of Hubby and Daughter No3. I know if daughter No2 had not been at college on a late night, she too would have accompanied us because she's walked with me a few nights this week when the weather's been nice.

Just feel so uplifted with this much needed Spring weather,  just had to do a short post before bed. I'll be back tomorrow with my bargains from the charity shop. Till then, night all x


  1. its so funny you said that your country talks weather talk than any other because we said the same thing about Canada today!!Just a few miles up the highway its a blizzard tonight!I think its lovely to have company when walking, you're lucky to have someone to walk with,

  2. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, and you're right, it puts everyone in a good mood. Not quite as bright and sunny today, but it's not bad.

  3. Hi it does make a difference. I love the sound of your charity shop job, it must be lovely meeting a broad range of different customers coming in. Charity shops always have more of a homely friendly feel than some big shops. Hope you got your 40 winks xx