Monday, 13 May 2013

Menu plan Monday 13/05/2013

MONDAY - Lamb steaks, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, peas and yorkshire puddings

TUESDAY - Hairy dieters easy chicken, salad, homemade coleslaw & jacket potatoes

WEDNESDAY - Homemade pizza & chips

THURSDAY - Lamb meatballs in a tomato sauce on pasta, homemade garlic bread

FRIDAY - Casserolled beef & mushroom, Mashed potatoes, yorkshire puddings and veg

SATURDAY - Steaks and peppercorn sauce, chips, onion rings, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms

SUNDAY - Fragrant pork & rice one pot with homemade bread


I've had quite a busy weekend because I have a visitor staying. My visitor is called Archie and he's so cute. Here's Archie

Archie came Saturday morning and is staying until Wednesday evening whilst his owners have a short break abroad.

A few months a go I joined a company to be a dog carer. Basically after filling in an application form, then having a telephone interview they then visit me at home to interview me and check my home and garden are safe for visiting dogs. References are checked and then if everything's ok, I become a dog carer. I get paid for each day or part of a day the dog is with me.  I have no expenses to fork out as the owners provided all their food and treats, brings their bed, toys and lead. Insurance is provided by the company I work for. I just give my time to care for my visitors.

So Archie is our first visitor. He settled in well and my dog Sherlock has accepted a new friend into his home really well. I did feel sorry for Archie at first because Sherlock would not leave him alone but they have both settled down now and are like old friends. It's a great way to earn a little more money and my daughters get to have a second dog ( they are always pestering me to get a second dog) without me having the expense of having another dog. I hope future visitors are as easy as Archie has been. Think I've been spoilt with my first easy visitor.


  1. I've seen the brochure for those dog carers, it sounds like a great scheme. What a cute little dog Archie is, I don't think my Archie would take too kindly to another dog in his home, he's too much of a pampered pooch.

  2. your menu sounds yummy! Lamb is something we don't eat much of here in Ontario (Canada), we did when i was a child but it seems I never see it in the shops,
    Archie is so sweet he looks a little sad, I think it would be wonderful to babysit pets for people, we did it for our friends but to get payed would be great, like a business, like you said , your children would be happy and you earn a little extra, a win win !!

  3. Your menu sounds amazing, you eat very well!

    Caring for dogs sound like a great way to earn some extra money and give you dog some company, what a good idea. x