Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Not a happy bunny

Set off to drive the 33 miles to work at 9pm last night. 45 minutes later I was on the phone to the RAC informing them of car problems. My car on three occasions seemed to lose its umph and was very sluggish and just had no get up and go.  Then I could smell like rubber burning! It was then I decided to to pull into a side street and see if I could spot what was happening with the car. One of alloys was red hot on the passenger side so I was worried brake disk had jammed or something. I know nothing at all about cars but knew something was not right. Rang hubby who said not to drive it and to ring the RAC.
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Forty minutes later my knight in shining fluorescent arrived with lights blazing. Basically he said he was not happy for me to drive it as he found fluid sprayed all on the engine when he looked under the bonnet and was taking me and car back home. So me and my poorly car were driven back home arriving in our quiet street with lights a flashing and rather noisily in a recovery van. Lots of curtains twitching to see what all the racket was about. Don't think neighbours appreciated all the noise of a car being removed from a recovery truck at midnight. Ah well, I appreciated him. So glad I have breakdown cover with my car insurance. It's a god send when your a woman driver alone at night.

I jumped in Hubby's car and headed back to Leeds AGAIN! and work were very good about it all. Not had much sleep today as had to get up early as boiler man is coming to service our boiler. Got a text when I woke up though from Hubby who has already booked my car into the village garage to be seen first thing tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed this won't skint me.

Bloody snowing now! Ah well, can't drive anywhere so might as well enjoy it : )


  1. Hope it doesn't cost you a small fortune.

  2. Hope it's not too costly. We've had a fair bit of snow here today, and I actually drove in it, something I'm never happy to do, but I'd promised Daniel and Eleanor a lift home from school today. It won't be leaving the drive tomorrow though unless the snow melts. I don't have breakdown cover, it's really not worthwhile as I only drive near home, my car is a luxury rather than a necessity.

  3. Hopefully it won't be too expensive.

  4. Ended up costing me £174.00 so it was not too bad. Could have been worse