Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Menu plan 18/02/13

MONDAY - Fragrant pork & rice one pot with homemade bread

TUESDAY - Fish pasta bake

WEDNESDAY - Roast chicken, roast potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire puddings with stuffing

THURSDAY - Starter-Wensleydale mushrooms. Chicken & chorizo risotto

FRIDAY - Leftover xmas turkey, casseroled, mash and vegetables

SATURDAY - Homemade pizza and chips

SUNDAY - Omelet, salad, homemade coleslaw and jacket potatoes

It's half term here in North Yorkshire and I've been busy with Daughter No3's 15th birthday which was on Sunday. It was an easy birthday this year to buy for as she requested money but I did buy her a book I knew she wanted and a cushion she spotted in Aldi she liked, so she had something to open on the day. She asked me to make her a chocolate cake for her birthday which I set about making Sunday lunchtime. Hubby came in the kitchen just as I was getting ingredients out and declared he would like to make the cake. Don't think he's made a cake before from what I can remember so I supervised him. I set about making a chocolate bow I had found on a google search. It was rather fiddly to make the bow but I think it will come a lot easier if I make it again; and a lot tidier : ) Daughter No2 wanted to make the cake filling and topping so she did that part of the cake. So it turned into a family made cake in the end.

The creation tasted nice but was rather difficult to cut into. Daughter enjoyed it along with her friends who slept over. All the girls took over the living room with airbeds and watched movies with a bag of treats. Kept us awake with chatting and giggling a lot of the night. When asked in the morning what time they went to sleep it turned out to be around 4.30am!!! I woke them at 9.15 as one of the girls had to be home by 10.00am so an early night was had by daughter last night.

It's a busy week of fitting lots of appointments in this week. Yesterday was a drive to York for Daughter No3 to visit the orthodontist. Both have opticians this week and Daughter No3 has a doctors appointment Thursday.

Think I shall go for a walk with the dog now and enjoy this beautiful sunny day. The living room is rather hot with the sun shining through the two windows. Enjoy your day x


  1. Happy belated birthday to your daughter. The cake looks fab, absolutely fantastic, and how lovely that it was a joint effort. It's half term here too, which Daniel's really pleased about with it being his 18th today. He wouldn't have wanted to go to school on his birthday. I always try to arrange appointments for holiday time too, Daniel and Eleanor have dentist appointments on Thursday. Archie's had some good walks today, it makes a change to be out in some sunshine.