Monday, 11 February 2013

Menu plan Monday 11/02/13

MONDAY - Roast chicken, sage & onion stuffing, mashed potatoes, veg and yorkshire pudding

TUESDAY - Omelet, salad, jacket potatoes and homemade coleslaw. Pancakes

WEDNESDAY - Sausage & pepper casserole, sauteed potatoes

THURSDAY - Beef stew, mashed potatoes and yorkshire puddings

FRIDAY - Leftover chicken with ham in a sauce served on vegetable rice

SATURDAY - Homemade pizzas and wedges

SUNDAY - Spaghetti bolognese and homemade garlic bread

Wow, it's Monday again. Seems to arrive around too soon.  A whole week of no posts. Must admit it's been a bit hectic here at the moment. Had lots of online e-learning  to complete for work and as usual nothing goes right when trying to do these things on laptops at home. Anyway courses completed and me stressed to hell with all the technical side of it going wrong. Going to tackle another course tomorrow so wish me luck. It's not due until May but I'm going to get it done as I'm 2 hours short of a lieu night that I want to use before our new lot of annual leave is sorted for the 1st April. So a few hours of e-learning is worh it for a night off work.

Today I have posted my passport for renewal. It ran out the beginning of 2011 but we have not been abroad for a few years so have not bothered renewing until now. We are venturing abroad this summer so the deed had to be done. So I worked it out today how much this passport is costing: renewal £72.50. New photo £5.00. Postage £5.90. Total £83.40 x 2 (Hubby's to do his) =£166.80. Bloody hell! that's a lot of money for two passports. Thank god the girls don't need renewing until next year. Thankfully we have this budgeted for in the holiday fund. We have been saving since the middle of last year an amount each month for our holiday taking into account the cost of passport renewals. 


  1. Can't wait to hear more about your holiday, where are you going? All our passports ran out a few years ago, but we haven't been abroad since 2008 so we haven't bothered renewing them, it's so expensive. Mick had to renew his last year as he went to Germany on a business trip, yet work wouldn't pay for the renewal, cheeky things. Tasty menu again. It's beef casserole and dumplings for us tonight, done in the slow cooker. There's been lovely smells wafting through the house all day.

  2. We're going to southern Spain for two weeks end of July. Sooo looking forward to it :)